About Us

Over the last decade Emily Neal (maiden name Vickers) has built a formidable reputation in internal and external recruitment and specialist workforce management. After working for various recruitment companies, Emily saw a gap in the market for a tailor made search and selection solution. In 2006 Vickers Neal Recruitment Solutions (VNRS) was launched and has grown year on year. Married, with 2 young daughters the pressure would be daunting to many but Emily takes it in her stride because of her genuine passion for the business.

VNRS provides a range of customised recruitment solutions both locally and abroad with a personal touch. Rather than a traditional off-the shelf, one size fits all approach, Emily’s business ethos is to listen, understand and design services to individual client’s requirements. This includes learning the brand, culture, campaign constraints (budgets, time-scales etc.) and long-term business plans.

Whether a role is permanent or interim Emily can provide a range of solutions to suit. From working on-site with local SMEs to organising large blue chip candidate assessment centres, Emily will take time to learn client needs, shape attraction and retention strategies. This could mean implementing new policies, promoting roles overseas or structuring flexible packages to attract the right candidate. To Emily, understanding her clients’ current and future objectives is just as important as understanding potential employee’s career objectives and ensuring long-term fit.

VNRS does things differently and that’s why their clients always return and are happy to recommend their services. 90% of business comes from referrals. Unfortunately over the last few years Emily has become increasingly aware of other recruitment companies using tactics such as placing anyone just to fill a role, or re-contacting newly placed candidates to entice elsewhere to earn a dual fee in a short time.

Even those with more ethical approaches are struggling to gain clients, particularly in the SME market because of challenging economic times. Emily believes the reason VRNS is bucking this trend and growing in this area is because most are failing to understand key recruitment barriers for SME’s.

The most common barriers Emily comes across for SME’s are:-

1. The high cost implications of using a Recruitment Consultancy
2. The lack of branding for a company’s business name when using a Recruitment Agency

Emily states “VNRS was initially established to focus on serving the recruitment needs of SME’s. We took the same business principals and applied them to larger clients who really appreciated the personalised approach. This means our formulae still work particularly well for smaller operations.

“VNRS don’t dictate; they listen and work with you to find the right solution at the right price and then brand it to reflect your company to attract the right individuals. At VNRS we pride ourselves in understanding your business requirements – completely.”

As VNRS has grown, they now provide a complete range of recruitment services from interim and part-time roles to high level executive headhunting. Emily knows top appointments transform organisations: and the right approach is crucial to securing the right leader. The recruitment of HR professionals is an area VNRS specialises in because getting human resource management right is often central to the business. The passion Emily has for people as a company’s most valuable resource is very much mirrored throughout the business, and that’s been a key driver of their success.

Another example was Emily’s realisation that the external environment is constantly changing, and potential candidates respond differently now to adverts and media. VNRS has been proactive in responding to these changes. They often utilise social media such as Facebook and Twitter to reach candidates and take part in strategic planning sessions with clients to look at the future of their industry and the skills they are likely to need in a few years’ time, to enable strategic recruitment growth plans.